ASFiNAG Baumanagement

Autobahnen- und Schnellstraßen-Finanzierungs-Aktiengesellschaft is an Austrian infrastructure company and is one of the largest infrastructure companies in Europe. The company is wholly owned by the Republic of Austria. With more than 3,000 employees, ASFiNAG Baumanagement GmbH builds freeways and expressways, erects slip roads and exits, rest and traffic control areas, noise protection measures, freeway maintenance facilities and traffic control systems.


A showcase project in terms of sustainability

The S 7 will reduce through-traffic for communities in eastern Styria and Burgenland (including Großwilfersdorf, Fürstenfeld and Rudersdorf) and provide existing as well as new businesses with a fast, efficient and safe connection to the higher-level road network.

ASFiNAG is investing around 750 million euros in the 28 km long link from Riegersdorf to the Hungarian border at Heiligenkreuz.