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Tailor-made for plant engineering and industry.

Management Software

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Tailor-made for plant engineering and industry.

Management Software

projectnetworld simplifies your construction and plant projects

​With projectnetworld you coordinate all project participants across all locations and company boundaries.

You provide overisght and transparency and control your projects on the basis of current decision-making principles.

digital projects

Plan and build individually

  • Easy

    Activate – customize – work. Project rooms are easy to set up and ready to use

  • Team-oriented

    Strengthen your project teams through simple and fast digital collaboration.

  • Mobile

    Digital construction processes and transparent construction documentation provide relevant information on smartphones, tablets or PCs, regardless of location.


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Our offer for plant construction and industrial projects

Benefit from best practices, proven models and our many years of experience.

starter package

You have a project and want to experience the advantages of a digital platform?

Our starter package gives you a perfect impression of the possibilities of digital project management. Start digitalizing a construction project easily and quickly. Our experts support you and your project team during set-up and throughout the entire project.

0 to 100 package

You’ re looking for the most effective way to sustainably digitalize your project portfolio?

With our 0 to 100 package, you can digitalize all of your work processes. Together, we will set up your digital working environment for an unlimited number of projects. Within a few days, you can take your projects to the next level – simply, quickly and risk-free.


You want to extend your portfolio with a professional working environment for your customer projects?

Are you looking for a standard for your customer projects? With projectnetworld you can activate all projects – based on your individual standards – with just a few clicks. Find out about the possibilities and advantages as a partner.

Work with our service team to find the perfect package for your needs.

How plant construction and industry benefit from projectnetworld


Working digitally is time and cost efficient and significantly increases competitiveness in the construction industry – regardless of the size of the company or project.

focus on quality

Whether status, progress, tasks or protocols. Digitally accessible and up-to-date information reduces the susceptibility to errors and increases the quality of decisions and results.

preserve and expand knowledge

Digitalization is a sustainable and successful way to document knowledge, experience and best practices, to pass them on and to make them reusable without gaps.

united and strong teams

The digitalization of work processes enables teams to work together easily, quickly and comprehensibly – regardless of location or company affiliation.

realtime information

Digital information is easy to network and evaluate, easy to share, and enables an overview of all data in real time. At any time, from anywhere and for all stakeholders.

efficient processes

Digitalization creates uniform and transparent workflows and enables end-to-end processes across all phases of the value chain. Efficient processes reduce complexity and provide an overview.

The fastest way to a digital project

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​projectnetworld is a “ready-to-use” construction project management software that is easy and quick to set up and customizable to your requirements.

Test the possibilities for your projects with a free DEMO ACCOUNT . ​

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    ​Just 3 clicks away from a project: The intuitive interface allows you to quickly orient yourself in the new working environment. A large number of project templates are available to you.

  • set up

    ​Templates, import functions and construction-specific solutions: Thanks to the easy customization, you can set up your project environment and import your data in a few hours.

  • work

    ​Invite a team, assign roles and get started: projectnetworld can be easily adapted to new or changed requirements throughout the project. Extensive manuals and our support team are available to your team

​Digital construction management changes your work with just a few clicks.

Your digital status quo checklist

​25 questions for your digital construction projects. Find out how digital you are.

T he biggest differences to other solutions lie in the simplicity, the self-administration and the flexibility of our solutions.

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The most frequently asked questions about projectnetworld

projectnetworld is a cloud service and can be operated with any PC, laptop or mobile device (tablet, smartphone).

With projectnetworld you can set up and adapt your digital project environment within a few hours and invite the project team to the new project. Once a project has been set up, you can use it as a template for any other project with just a few clicks.

To invite a new user, enter their email address and assign them one of the project roles. From this point on, the new user can access the information in the project within the scope of his permissions.

Yes. projectnetworld is a multi-project system with all functions for well-structured management of your project portfolio.

No. projectnetworld supports both small construction measures and programs or large projects with its customizable functions.

For smaller projects, a central document repository and to-do lists are often sufficient for complete documentation and traceability. Larger projects often rely on workflows and use the powerful forms, scheduling and cost tools.

Billing is by user per project. There are two models: an individual project or project-unlimited access. Regardless of the model, you get the full range of functions and support – at no additional cost.


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