Aufgaben und Termine
effizient managen

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Aufgaben und Termine
effizient managen

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Manage tasks efficiently.

Your digital task management with projectnetworld.

Distributing tasks in a structured manner is the basis for your construction project to progress. Because communication problems in construction projects cause avoidable loss of time and increased costs when recording, assigning and evaluating work orders. Our digital task management enables tasks in the project team to be distributed, evaluated and automatically documented efficiently and comprehensibly.


With projectnetworld’s task management, you can quickly and efficiently record your tasks, automatically distribute them and coordinate and coordinate them in the team.


Use a template or define the processes yourself. You can configure your workflows with automatic task creation and distribution with just a few clicks and adapt them to your requirements.


The focus of projectnetworld is on the simplest usability and a perfect overview – for everyone involved – whether planners, auditors or project managers.

These and many other customers rely on projectnetworld

​Digital task management changes your work with just a few clicks.

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Who benefits from task management?

project control
planners and auditors
Local construction management
general contractor

​Digital task management changes your work with just a few clicks.

Even more reasons for digital task management


​​As with all solutions from projectnetworld, our focus here is on the simplest usability and perfectly prepared information for everyone involved – whether for the planner, auditor or project manager.

template center

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and you can rely on our expertise. Our template center for workflows or project structures etc. is available to you at any time as required.

​Relevant Information

Any amount of information (documents, images, forms,…) can be stored for each task – either uploaded directly or linked from the document management.


​To-dos can be created independently of the schedule or assigned to a work package (task). Complex processes can be broken down into subtasks with to-dos.

Individual views

Numerous configurable search and filter options make it possible to find or sort tasks quickly. They enable a user-specific perspective on different project situations.

​Private To Dos

​To manage a confidential task, select the “Private To-Do” checkbox when creating the to-do. Private to-dos are only visible to the creator and the executor.


Everything you always wanted to know about digital plan management.

​Digital task management makes it possible to distribute, evaluate and automatically document tasks in the project team efficiently and comprehensibly.

With projectnetworld, each project participant gets his tasks incl. Description and due date assigned.

In a personal workspace, all tasks such as work packages, milestones, to-dos, workflows and tasks are summarized in a clearly structured way.

Tasks come from a wide variety of areas, such as from to-do lists or from workflows such as plan runs, processes, etc. These workflows, with automatic task creation and distribution, can be configured with just a few clicks and adapted to your requirements.

If you have any questions about the adjustment, please contact our service team at

​Task management is a standard function of projectnetworld and is available to all customers at no extra charge.

Customizations and adjustments can be implemented independently by authorized users. Our service team sets up workflows. For prices and details, contact our service team at

Communication problems in the collection, assignment and evaluation of work orders have been significantly reduced thanks to the cloud-based platform projectnetworld . This not only saves us nerves but also time and money!


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