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Manage supplements efficiently.

​Your digital supplement management with projectnetworld.

Deviations in performance are often unavoidable , e.g. as a result of change requests from clients, unforeseeable technical or organizational circumstances, etc. A structured and comprehensible handling of supplements is of essential importance in order to avoid discrepancies between the client, project manager, planner and contractor and to identify cost changes as early as possible. We offer you individual, flexible – and, if required, standard-compliant (AT) – solutions with the digital addendum management system from projectnetworld.


With the projectnetworld solution, you can quickly and efficiently control your supplements, automatically distribute information and coordinate it in the team.


Use our templates or define the processes yourself. You can configure your supplements with just a few clicks. Or use our turnkey module.


The focus of projectnetworld is on the simplest usability and a perfect overview – for everyone involved – whether planners, auditors or project managers.

These and many other customers rely on projectnetworld

​Digital supplement management changes your work with just a few clicks.

Everything you always wanted to know about supplement management: Download now!

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Who benefits from supplement management?

project control
Local construction management
general contractor

​Digital supplement management changes your work with just a few clicks.

Even more reasons for digital supplement management


​As with all solutions from projectnetworld, our focus here is on the simplest usability and perfectly prepared information for everyone involved – whether for the planner, auditor or project manager.

template center

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and you can rely on our expertise. Our template center for workflows, among other things, is available to you at any time as needed.

Compliant with standards

Standard-compliant processing is possible. Supplements can be submitted according to the reason and the amount. The examination is also carried out on the basis and, if recognized, on the amount.

​Review comments

​Private and public review comments create the basis for a joint discussion of supplements on the platform.


​Flexible adjustments through versioning of addendum workflows are also possible during operation.

​External & Permissions

Individually required persons in the course of the supplementary check can be easily integrated into the process using to-dos. Extensive authorizations ensure individual views of the project participants.


Everything you always wanted to know about digital plan management.

With the addendum management from projectnetworld – also known as additional/lower cost requirements – you can control your addenda efficiently, distribute information automatically and coordinate it in the team. Ready-to-use templates are available for your projects. If you wish, you can customize the processes and adapt them to specific requirements. Adjustments are made by the user himself – you can configure your tailor-made add-on module easily and with just a few clicks.

The supplement management of projectnetworld brings advantages to all companies and people involved in the project – such as builders, project managers and subcontractors on the construction site. A central supplement management allows discrepancies to be avoided and cost changes to be identified as early as possible.

​The supplement management is a ready-to-use solution from projectnetworld and can be used immediately and without adjustments.

Customization and specific adjustments can be made by the user himself.

It is often easier to change what already exists than to create something new. That’s why we provide our customers with a large number of templates that can be used immediately and – if necessary – adapted. These templates also include complete processes for entering and approving supplements, with various ready-to-use presets. Our service team gives you a quick insight into the templates and, with many years of expertise, advises you on the most optimal option for your requirements.

​The supplement management is a standard function of projectnetworld and is available to all customers at no extra charge. Implementations and adjustments can be implemented independently. Upon request, our service team will make these adjustments.

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With our digital addendum management, our customers are able to track service changes at a glance at any time, monitor their impact on the overall budget and react quickly to cost changes.


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