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Customized solutions for your projects.

Construction Management

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Customized solutions for your construction projects.

Customized solutions for your construction projects.

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These and many other customers rely on projectnetworld

To plan. To build. Operate – in a digital work environment

The construction project management cloud service projectnetworld offers tailor-made solutions and intelligent functions for your construction projects. This allows many tasks such as plan management, defect management, task management and workflows to be completed. Plan and structure your content individually.
Strengthen your project teams and achieve the goal together. With optimal digital construction processes and construction documentation, you always provide the required information where it is needed. Reach the project goal faster and more effectively!


User-friendliness is decisive for the acceptance of a solution. With a single platform, all tasks in the construction project are covered and it is easy to work with. We won our customers primarily with usability.


The core competence of our customers is building. We take care of development, updates and maintenance. The data is backed up in a high-security data center. Access controls, data security and data encryption are guaranteed.


unlock-customize-work. You can easily set up your project room yourself and import existing data. Everything is flexibly adjusted in a few hours. Everyone involved immediately has a common view of your project!

Our construction project management software changes your work with just a few clicks.

Our construction project management software with more than 250 functions for your projects

Many good reasons for digital construction project management


unlock-customize-work. You can easily set up your project room yourself and import existing data. Everything is flexibly adjusted in a few hours.


​The decisive factor for the acceptance of a solution is its user-friendliness. During development, we listened to our customers – we won them over with usability in particular.

efficiency boost

​Automation and standardization as the basis for more efficiency and higher quality. With projectnetworld, everyone in the project team works with the same data.


​Our template center is available to you whenever you need it – you don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel and you can rely on our expertise.

Sustainable know-how

The platform enables you to digitally document all project know-how and to bring existing knowledge back into new projects after completion.

digital processes

​With the digitization of construction project management, the entire construction process gains in quality. Delays can be avoided completely or at least better controlled.

The fastest way to a digital construction project

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​projectnetworld is a “ready-to-use” construction project management software that is easy and quick to set up and adaptable to your requirements.

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    ​In 3 clicks to the project: The intuitive interface allows you to quickly orient yourself in the new working environment. A large number of project templates are available to you.

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    ​Templates, import functions and construction-specific solutions: Thanks to the easy customization, you can set up your project environment and import your data in a few hours.

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    ​Invite a team, assign roles and get started: projectnetworld can be easily adapted to new or changed requirements throughout the project. Extensive manuals and our support team are available to your team

​Digital construction management changes your work with just a few clicks.

Checklist for your digital status quo

​25 questions for your digital construction projects. Find out how digital you already are.

F or us, the benefit of our customers is paramount. We are convinced that the biggest difference to other solutions lies in the simplicity, self-administration and flexibility of our software.

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The most frequently asked questions about projectnetworld

projectnetworld is a cloud service and can be operated with any PC, laptop or mobile device (tablet, smartphone).

With projectnetworld you can set up and adapt your digital project environment within a few hours and invite the project team to the new project. Once a project has been set up, you can use it as a template for any other project with just a few clicks.

To invite a new user, enter their email address and assign them one of the project roles. From this point on, the new user can access the information in the project within the scope of his authorizations.

Yes. projectnetworld is a multi-project system with all functions for clear management of your project portfolio.

No. With the adaptable functions, projectnetworld supports both small construction measures as well as programs or large projects.

For smaller projects, a central document storage and to-do lists are often sufficient for complete documentation and traceability. Larger projects often rely on workflows and use the powerful forms, scheduling and cost tools.

Billing is by user per project. There are two models: an individual project or project-unlimited access. Regardless of the model, you get the full range of functions and support – at no additional cost.


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