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Customizable solutions for construction projects.

and their projects

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Customizable solutions for construction projects.

Excerpt of customer projects

Our customers and their projects have a common goal: Efficient construction project management with customized digital solutions.

These and many other customers rely on projectnetworld

​Digital construction management changes your work with just a few clicks.

Urban development in St. Pölten


Every month we present a special project

SIGNA Real Estate GmbH


The neighborhood development covers a site area of around 9,000 square meters. The aim is to achieve a mix of uses including retail, residential, accommodation and events.

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In the end, smart digitization concepts always have one thing in common: They remove barriers and thus give our clients, their customers and employees valuable time for the important things.

What our customers especially love


Activate-customize-work. You can easily set up your project space yourself and import already existing data. In a few hours everything is flexibly adapted. All participants immediately have a common view of the project!


The decisive factor for the acceptance of a solution is its user-friendliness. With a single platform, all tasks in a construction project are covered and it is easy to work with. We won our customers primarily with usability.


Building is the core competence of our customers. We take care of software development, updates and maintenance. Data is backed up in a highly secure data center. Access controls, data security and data encryption are guaranteed.


W e have hundreds of infrastructure projects, from small train stations to large tunnels. With projectnetworld we can map different project types on a single platform and handle them uniformly. The biggest advantage: Anyone can work with it immediately and intuitively.


The most frequently asked questions about projectnetworld

projectnetworld is a cloud service and can be operated with any PC, laptop or mobile device (tablet, smartphone).

With projectnetworld you can set up and adapt your digital project environment within a few hours and invite a project team to the new project. Once a project has been set up, you can use it as a template for any other project with just a few clicks.

To invite a new user, enter his e-mail address and assign him one of the project roles. From this point on, the new user can access the information in the project – within the scope of his permissions.

Yes. projectnetworld is a multi-project system with all functions for a well-structured management of your project portfolio.

No. projectnetworld supports both small construction measures and programs or large projects with its customizable functions.

For smaller projects, a central document repository and to-do lists are often sufficient for complete documentation and traceability. Larger projects often rely on workflows and use the powerful forms, scheduling and cost tools.

Billing is by user per project. There are two models: an individual project or project-unlimited access. Regardless of the model, you get the full range of functions and support – at no additional cost.


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