Case Story

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Von der Implementierung zum Roll-Out

Case Story

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Von der Implementierung zum Roll-Out

ASFiNAG – leading infrastructure operator in Europe

ASFiNAG looks after 2,223 kilometers of motorways and expressways, 371 junctions, 5,735 bridges and 165 tunnels, so that customers can reach their destinations safely and quickly.

Safe roads, multimodal concepts, intelligent traffic control, as well as environmental protection and economic action – these goals are laid down in the strategic concept “Vision 2025+” of ASFiNAG.

In order to meet challenges such as safety and modern infrastructure, the road network must be expanded and maintained. Investments of 8.1 billion euros are planned for the years 2019 – 2024.

ASFINAG construction projects at a glance

450 projects

at the same time

3,300 users

internal & external

1 billion

Construction volume per year

3 years

Average project duration

6 terabytes

Data growth per year

Customized software according to 231 special requirements

The requirements

Better communication in projects

Around 450 road construction projects per year are carried out with numerous external partners. Therefore, ASFiNAG Baumanagement was looking for a platform through which all employees in the project can obtain and exchange information, with the following requirements:

The solution must be intuitive and simple, external project staff should also be able to work with it quickly. Up to 5000 users, across locations and companies, are to be involved in the projects. The solution must for Projects of any size can be used. In addition, the system should Simplify the IT landscape and enable a connection to internal upstream and downstream systems.

The solution

A central platform for all construction projects

The most important criterion in the evaluation of the providers were the tests with typical work situations. The ease of use of projectnetworld was clearly decisive for the decision.

The internal name of the solution in the ASFiNAG project is exact. As part of the implementation, selected key users precisely defined the requirements for each specialist department, whether in-house or on the construction site. Because only those who work with functions such as planning or defect management know the need from everyday practice. Based on these criteria of the departments, projectnetworld has adapted the standard software to the needs or expanded it with specific functions.

TietoEVRY, a long-standing partner of ASFiNAG in the digitization process, acted as a partner in the implementation.

S uccess is when, after about a year, all users say that the solution is great to work with; and if a few months later nobody is talking about it anymore because the platform is so practical and natural for everyone.

The goals – added value and efficiency through a common view

Added value and efficiency through a common vision


User-friendliness was the decisive criterion when selecting the solution. Internal employees and external partners can work intuitively with the platform, since the interface is similar to the well-known Office functions. This makes project work easy, faster and transparent.


Creating and approving plans with workflows, documenting and correcting defects, distributing tasks within the team, managing workload, checking milestones and costs, evaluating risks in real time – project managers and project employees see all the relevant information on their personal dashboards.


The introduction of digital construction project management with a central platform is an innovative step in the industry. Digital documents are stored centrally and everyone sees the current version, which avoids errors and increases quality. Workflows bring shorter throughput times and reduce costs.

The core functions

In addition to the standard functions of projectnetworld, the following solutions have been adapted to the specific requirements of ASFiNAG:

With this tool, employees can create, check and approve plans easily and clearly in their everyday work.

  • Current overviews with search and filter functions
  • Plan check run is created with a graphic configurator
  • Validation and translation of the plan coding incl. Legend
  • QR code function for mobile query of plan status

All project orders are recorded centrally in the Orders area and enable ongoing cost control. The MKF function (additional or reduced cost requirements) was developed according to the requirements of ASFINAG.

  • Contractor registers an MKF himself
  • Review by responsible persons and confirmation or rejection by project managers
  • All approval processes are controlled using workflows
  • Evaluations in real time

All documents are stored centrally and structured with versioning.

  • Simple filing using drag & drop
  • You can search in projects as well as across the entire company
  • For the first time, external project partners also have access to selected folders
  • All employees in the project have the same, up-to-date view

Everyone gets the information they need and is always up to date.

  • Project employees receive news like on a bulletin board
  • Collaboration tool enables appointments to be coordinated and knowledge to be exchanged
  • Relevant mails are filed with the associated documents
  • Information can be sent directly to the project room via the project email address

In the end, smart digitization concepts always have one thing in common: They remove barriers and thus give our clients and their customers and employees valuable time for the important things.

The result

Safety and quality for all construction projects

Before the platform went live, the last critical milestone had to be overcome. According to the tender, projectnetworld had to undergo a security test by the TÜV: Within the space of two weeks, the security experts repeatedly tried to attack the platform or hack content. The result was convincing, because not a single critical weak point could be detected, which was confirmed with the TÜV certificate.

The project was successfully implemented together in 1.5 years. All requirements were met and the system is adapted to the construction logic of ASFiNAG. In this way, a platform was created by users for users: Communication between internal and external project partners is simple and transparent – this ensures high-quality and efficient construction projects on the domestic motorways.


All the details – from the idea to the roll-out, incl. Interviews with project managers and users.

Download the detailed ASFINAG CASE STORY here free of charge and find out more,

➡️ What advantages the all-in-one construction project management software from projectnetworld brings for the digitalization of construction projects at ASFINAG – Europe’s leading infrastructure company,

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➡️ Why all project participants can work even more efficiently with projectnetworld.

In order to implement this innovative topic, you have to show pain and potential, think in a networked way and do lobbying. This basic work requires tenacity and the will to improve the quality of project management – that was my core issue.