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projectnetworld simplifies your daily project business

An all-in-one solution that inspires employees and customers alike.
Digital tools support you throughout the entire “plan – build – operate” process.

Easily customizable and scalable.

Digital construction projects

Plan and structure individually

  • Easy

    Unlock – customize – work. Project rooms are easy to set up and ready to use

  • Team-oriented

    Strengthen your project teams through simple and fast digital collaboration.

  • Mobile

    Digital construction processes and transparent construction documentation provide relevant information on smartphones, tablets or PCs, regardless of location.


Free demo account

Our offer for general contractors

Make use of best practices, proven models and our many years of experience.

starter pack

You have a project and would like to get to know the advantages of a digital platform?

The starter package gives you a perfect insight into the possibilities of digital project management. Start quickly and easily with the digitization of a construction project. Our experts will support you and your project team during setup and throughout the project.

0 to 100 packages

Are you looking for the most effective way to sustainably digitize your project portfolio?

With the 0 to 100 package, you digitize all of your work processes. Together we will set up your digital work environment with an unlimited number of projects. Within a few days you can take your projects to the next level. – simple, fast and risk-free.


Do you want to expand your portfolio with a professional working environment for your customer projects?

Are you looking for a standard for your customer project? With projectnetworld you can activate all projects – based on your individual standards – with just a few clicks. Find out more about the possibilities and advantages as a partner.

Find the perfect package for your requirements together with our service team.

How general contractors benefit from projectnetworld

Faster throughput and processing times

Whether task assignments, rectification of defects or supplementary processing times: processing times in the project are significantly reduced with the help of our smart tools.

Reduced coordination

The digital solutions of projectnetworld support you throughout the entire implementation phase and reduce your coordination effort of the subcontractors.

Complete information

Project participants have all relevant information in one place, depending on their authorizations. Cross-company collaboration and the flow of information are made significantly easier.

added value

Various tools make it possible to focus on your value-adding work. These are individually configurable and adaptable to your requirements. Search and processing times are significantly reduced.

Evidence and revision security

The automatic version management and the unchangeable history not only guarantee that everyone involved always works with the most up-to-date information, but also evidence and revision security.

Easy collaboration

First-class usability enables a short training period with the platform, strengthens your project teams and promotes simple and fast digital cross-company cooperation.

The fastest way to a digital construction project

30 days free trial

​projectnetworld is a “ready-to-use” construction project management software that is easy and quick to set up and adaptable to your requirements.

Test the possibilities for your projects with a free DEMO ACCOUNT . ​

Get your projects done!

  • to register

    ​In 3 clicks to the project: The intuitive interface allows you to quickly orient yourself in the new working environment. A large number of project templates are available to you.

  • Furnish

    ​Templates, import functions and construction-specific solutions: Thanks to the easy customization, you can set up your project environment and import your data in a few hours.

  • work

    ​Invite a team, assign roles and get started: projectnetworld can be easily adapted to new or changed requirements throughout the project. Extensive manuals and our support team are available to your team

​Digital construction management changes your work with just a few clicks.

Checklist for your digital status quo

​25 questions for your digital construction projects. Find out how digital you already are.

In the end, smart digitization concepts always have one thing in common: They remove barriers and thus give our clients and their customers and employees valuable time for the important things.

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The most frequently asked questions about projectnetworld

projectnetworld is a cloud service and can be operated with any PC, laptop or mobile device (tablet, smartphone).

With projectnetworld you can set up and adapt your digital project environment within a few hours and invite the project team to the new project. Once a project has been set up, you can use it as a template for any other project with just a few clicks.

To invite a new user, enter their email address and assign them one of the project roles. From this point on, the new user can access the information in the project within the scope of his authorizations.

Yes. projectnetworld is a multi-project system with all functions for clear management of your project portfolio.

No. With the adaptable functions, projectnetworld supports both small construction measures as well as programs or large projects.

For smaller projects, a central document storage and to-do lists are often sufficient for complete documentation and traceability. Larger projects often rely on workflows and use the powerful forms, deadline and cost tools.

Billing is by user per project. There are two models: an individual project or project-unlimited access. Regardless of the model, you get the full range of functions and support – at no additional cost.


Do you have questions about our industry solutions or do you want to coordinate your requirements quickly ?

Our digitization experts give you a quick overview and precise answers to your questions.

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