ProjectNetWorld is 100% web-based project management software that provides powerful tools for planning, coordinating, and controlling your projects and portfolios.

Simple to operate. Reliable in use. Can be adapted to meet your requirements.


Functions at a Glance  

A perfect working environment with clearly manageable structures, intelligent information distribution, and clear access authorizations.

Support your project teams with intelligent information distribution and simple communications.

Manage your projects centrally in an easily manageable way in portfolios. Allow standardized views and provide well-founded bases for specific decisions.

Create complete project documentation and manage your documents centrally, securely, and traceably.

Plan your projects in phases, processes, and milestones. Control the implementation of the content of your projects by allocating tasks clearly.

Manage your data using tailor-made forms and online databases. Benefit from personalized views and filters, sorted in a way that works for you.

Plan, capture, and track your project costs. Coordinate and control your resources efficiently.

Use tailor-made project templates to introduce standards, methods, and best practices in your projects.

our customers  
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SaaS stands for the cost-efficient ''Software as a Service'' model and means that software is leased for as long as it is used rather than being purchased. It comes with an included extensive package of services and the following benefits ...

  • No Investment = No Investment Risk
    Unlike conventional software solutions, the SaaS model allows the use of software without any investment whatsoever because all the IT infrastructure is provided by the supplier.
  • Demand-Based Use; Simple Scalability
    SaaS allows optimum scalability and flexibility because it can adjust to suit your needs on an extremely short timescale. New users can be activated at any time and users can be scaled down in the event of reduced demand.
  • Cost Efficiency and Transparency
    You pay for what you use. Prices are transparent and easy to calculate - even for future capacity expansion levels. Prices are geared strictly towards the number of users, services are inclusive.
  • No Installation and Totally Maintenance-Free
    The services provided include operation, system administration, and maintenance of the software, all updates and new program versions, data storage, full and incremental data backups.
  • Available 24/7, Any Time, Anywhere
    ProjectNetWorld also supports anytime access from any remote location to all project information to the extent that an individual's access authorization so permits. The minimum requirements to achieve this are reasonable: Internet access and a browser.
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies and Extremely High Security Standards
    ProjectNetWorld is operated in a certified high-security data center. The very latest technologies, data access controls and data encryption ensure extremely high levels of security.
  • Comprehensive Services and Premium Support
    Unlike conventional software solutions, our service begins where others' service stops - when your project starts. Besides operating and maintaining the software, engineers and project managers are available to assist the user and to deal with technical and application-related issues.

Why ProjectNetWorld?  

ProjectNetWorld offers you everything you need to handle your projects from a single supplier. The software is clearly and manageably structured, simple to use, and ensures an extremely high level of security.

This lets you concentrate on what's important:

... getting your projects done

The Difference Compared with Other Solutions  

ProjectNetWorld combines project management and collaboration in a single working environment. This special mix of functions

  • Provides you with a methodical procedure for planning, coordinating, and monitoring your projects
  • Enables you to implement the content of your projects and document them
  • Ensures optimum communication, information, and team-based cooperation

You can use this optimal combination of tools to manage your products, portfolios, and programs in a simple, easily manageable way.

Application Areas and Sectors  

ProjectNetWorld adapts to cater for your requirements without fuss. Sector- and enterprise-specific requirements, standards, methods, and best practice can be mapped easily and deployed.

For projects of any size, any type, and any sector.